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TDE: Harmony Reference Sheet 2.0 by digisploosh
TDE: Harmony Reference Sheet 2.0


Basic Information

ID: #048

Currency: Here!

Name: Slate
Nicknames: Harmo
Preferred Name: Harmony
Age: 4 Years and 6 Months
Gender: Female
Rank: Technician

Physical Description:
Height: 10”
Weight: 11 Pounds
Breed[s]: Miniature Pinscher x Shiba Inu
Eye Color: Brown
Fur Color: Black, Orangey-Tan, and White Tri-Color

Personal Information


[Optimistic]: “Change, change your life, take it all; We’re gonna stick together, know we’ll get through it all.”
Harmony is a very optimistic gal. She chooses to see the glass as half full, and often tries to encourage others to see things this way, as well. She is always certain that things will work out for the better, a firm believer that ‘everything happens for a reason’. She doesn’t dwell on anything negative in her life for very long, and pushes it to the back of her mind until she forgets about it.

[Cheerful]: “I’m a hot air balloon that could go to space.”
Harmony is cheerful 99% of the time. She radiates positivity and happiness, bouncing around Eden and trying to spread her happiness with others. It makes her even happier if she can make someone else’s day a little brighter and better, knowing how hard happiness can be to come by in the darkness that is Eden. Some may find it annoying, but she would rather be annoying to some if she can make others happy.

[Friendly]: “You’ve lost your faith in love, but I’ll make you believe again.”
If nothing else, Harmony is very friendly. She often spends any time that she isn’t working or sleeping out in the Square of Eden or in the Nursery talking to the Furmothers or playing with the puppies. She prides herself in knowing most faces in Eden, even if she hasn’t spoken to them, she at least knows most dogs’ faces. She tries to talk to as many dogs as she can.

[Allegiant]: “We’ll always be together, don’t you worry.”
Harmony is a very loyal dog, and it is hard to waver that loyalty. It’s not very hard to gain her trust, but once you do, you have to do something terrible to lose it and her loyalty. She can overlook most flaws, and doesn’t personally care for whatever rumors may have been spread about others. So long as someone is nice - or rather, not unkind - she will be nice to them as well. However, she is defensive of her friends. If she hears someone spreading false rumors about them, she will be quick to put that person down if she knows the truth.

[Bold]: You’ve got a right to show the world something never seen.”
Harmony has never been a shy dog. Quite the opposite, she could probably be one of the loudest dogs in Eden, if she tried. She’s brave, being outspoken in a place like Eden. At her size, she could easily be squashed by someone she may anger, but she never thinks of this before speaking up. She’s fearless in that way, or maybe just not smart enough to think before she speaks.

[Ardent]: “Make sure you give your all.”
Harmony is very passionate about everything she does. She isn’t closed off or secretive about anything, and often unintentionally brags about any accomplishments she makes. Being passionate gives Harmony the drive to work, and basically function daily. However, it also makes her stubborn, and can cause her to get into arguments.

[Absentminded]:My eyes deceive me, but it’s still the same, pretend it’s OK.”
Harmony is often very absentminded, and is very good at getting easily distracted. She is known to be forgetful, and it is a reason others get frustrated with her. She’s got a low attention span, and sometimes has to be reminded of what she’s supposed to do on an assignment. Another aspect of her being absentminded is that she tries her hardest to ignore the horrors in which they live in.

[Obsessive]: “All this time, we’ve been crossing off days on the calendar pages.”
Harmony can be very obsessive at times, and once she’s started a project, she won’t stop working on it until she’s stopped. While this is good for working, sometimes she has to be physically pulled away before she ends up working for days on end without a break. Sometimes it’s hard for her to start working on a project, due to the absentminded-ness, but once she’s involved in her work, it can be hard to tear her away.

[High Strung]: “I know, I’ll never be perfect, but I’m gonna work it.”
Due to her breed mix, Harmony has a predisposition to being high strung. She’s very hyper, and is known to be a frequent presence in the Nursery when not working, playing with the puppies to wear both them and herself out. She’s also known to be one of the fastest dogs in Eden, often found rushing from here to there at a constant run. Considering this, she’s very impatient. She’s gotta go fast like Sanic, and hates being held up. This trait is considered annoying - even to herself - and she’s not particularly proud of it. However, it’s not like she can unwire herself towards hyperactivity, so she’s learned to embrace it.

    + Stamina

    - Size
    - Absentminded


[Previous to Birth]
Harmony’s parents could not have been more of opposites. Her father, Schist, was a kind-hearted Scowner. He was a miniature pinscher, and was one of the fastest dogs the Convoy systems had. Her mother, Enigma, was a shopkeeper. She was kind to customers’ faces, but a total jerk when not trying to sell product. The shiba inu had had no intentions of having puppies when she’d met Schist, and no intentions of having them even after they’d been together for a while. Puppies weren’t something Enigma wanted to be bothered with, and she didn’t want to bring life into the hell that they lived in. It was one thing for average and large sized dogs, they didn’t have it as bad as the smaller dogs. Smaller dogs risked being stepped upon, or being plucked up by birds or being carried off by raiders if they dared to enter the Wastelands.

But a year after the couple formed, Enigma found herself carrying exactly what she wanted to avoid. She wouldn’t try to get rid of them, of course - she didn’t want to risk her own health - but she still didn’t want them. When the four puppies were born, she was up and out of the Nursery as soon as she could be.

[The Nursery + Apprenticeship]

As a pup, Harmony - or rather, Slate, as her father had named her - was not very different than she is now. She was loud and happy, always trying to play with the other puppies. She had two brothers - Shale and Sapphire - and a sister - Granite. Their father always visited when he could, which was more often than not, but their mother only showed if Schist could convince her to come along. Slate had never questioned that her mother never really visited, and always shrugged it off if one of the other pups in the Nursery asked. She never really cared for her mother when she visited, anyways, so it was no loss to her when her mother didn’t visit.

Slate went about her life in the Nursery, and before she knew it it was time to be apprenticed. She’d always heard stories about the various occupations Eden offered, but she was always fascinated by the tentless Technicians. She liked the idea of being in one of the important roles of Eden, though her siblings didn’t see the role as being as important as she did. Shale went to be an Operator, Granite went to be a Radiohund, and Sapphire followed their father into being a Scowner. Undiscouraged by her siblings’ opinions, Slate did become an apprenticed Technician. She learned the ropes from a massive German Shepherd mix named Ace. She learned everything quickly, and was often found to be extremely useful when it came to fitting into tight spots to do repairs. Once, she’d even managed to shave off a strip of head fur in the repairs, and claimed it made her look ‘kinda punk rock’.

[After Apprenticeship]

Slate’s life went downhill after she graduated into being a full Technician. First, her father went missing on a Convoy. To this day, nobody has ever found out if Schist has died or if he’s joined a Raider pack. He’d been presumed dead, and Slate mourned her father greatly. After his death, her family became a downward spiral. Shale began distancing himself, Granite and Sapphire became reckless in the Wastelands, and Enigma fell into a depression. Granite and Sapphire were picked off in the same Convoy, attacked by Raiders and killed within minutes of the attack. This left Shale, Slate, and their rapidly declining mother.

Slate pushed her issues to the back of her mind, choosing not to dwell on them. Instead, she was granted an apprentice of her own to train, Ace hoping that it would keep her mind off of any problems she was having. And it did. Slate trained her first apprentice, Hemera, to the best of her ability, which was pretty well. During this time, however, her world took another turn when Ace himself died, being one of the older dogs of Eden and unable to fight off a disease.

Slate became more friendly, if it had been possible, to keep herself surrounded by other dogs. She figured that if she kept herself constantly busy, either working, socializing, or playing with puppies, that she wouldn’t have time to dwell on losing family or anybody else. Her mother had been murdered shortly after, her attacker getting booted out into the Wastelands. Slate couldn’t say she was particularly upset about this, but it did inspire her name choice. Personally, she didn’t like her name all that much. It reminded her of the stone, and that reminded her of being hard and cold. And since she was anything but hard and cold, she decided for a name change. She chose ‘Harmony’, because that’s what she wanted to do. She wanted to spread peace and harmony wherever she went.


Father: Schist; Unknown {Went missing on Convoy}
Mother: Enigma; Deceased {Murdered by a customer she refused service to}
Sibling(s): Shale (Brother); Alive; Granite (Sister), Deceased {Killed by a Raider}; Sapphire (Brother), Deceased {Killed by a Raider}.


Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

:bulletblack:   = Despise/Deathwish
:bulletred::bulletred:   = Hatred
:bulletred: = Dislike
:bulletorange::bulletorange: = Distrust
:bulletorange: = Neutral
:bulletyellow::bulletyellow: = Fear
:bulletyellow: = Acquaintance
:bulletgreen: = Positive Acquaintance
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: = Friend
:bulletblue: = Good Friend
:bulletblue::bulletblue: = Best Friend
:bulletpurple: = Respect
:bulletpurple::bulletpurple: = Family
:bulletpink: = Crush
:bulletpink::bulletpink: = Love
:bulletwhite: = Cannot Live Without

Hemera || :bulletblue::bulletblue: / :bulletpink::bulletpink: / :bulletpurple::bulletpurple: || RP’d by Growlipsis
Hemera is one of Harmony’s closest friends in Eden. She trained Hemera in the art of being a   Technician, so the two have been close for a long time. They’ve been through a good bit         together, and Harmony considers Hemera to be a part of her family, even if they aren’t blood related. She loves her former apprentice, and would bite the tail off of anything that tries to hurt her.

Ruthus || TBA || RP’d by AutumnalLeaf


    :bulletblack: xxx

    Voice Actor/Actress: xxx
    Face Claim: xxx
    Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff


  1. The Voice Within - Christina Aguilera

  2. Fearless - Kat Perkins

  3. Calendar Pages - We Are The In Crowd

  4. New Romantics - Taylor Swift

  5. Change Your Life - Little Mix

  6. Always Be Together - Little Mix

  7. Pretend It’s OK - Little Mix

  8. We Are Who We Are - Little Mix

  9. Happy - Pharrell Williams

Role Play Example:

Harmony sighed with frustration for what must have been the hundredth time in just that hour. The miniature pinscher mix was trying to fix a broken toy for the puppies in the Nursery, but couldn’t quite figure out what was wrong with it. It was a simple spring toy, but the spring itself seemed fine. But when she wound it up, it didn’t do a thing. She knew she should be sleeping rather than tweaking with toys, but she couldn’t sleep with this bugging her. It bothered her to no end when she didn’t know what was wrong with something, so she’d dug the toy out of the box and began fiddling with it again. She sighed again, tossing the toy to the ground. She yelped as the toy bounced to life, bouncing off the walls of her tiny shack. She lept after the toy, smashing her paws against it to keep it from bouncing again. She smiled as the toy finished moving, putting the toy back inside its box. The next day, she could take it back to the Nursery after work. But until then, she needed to work on getting to sleep. She was exhausted, but she couldn’t fall asleep. It was something that she struggled with most days, so tonight was nothing new. She sighed once again, curling up in a tight ball on her old, ratted couch cushion, and hoping for sleep.

TDE: Skelt Tracker by digisploosh
TDE: Skelt Tracker
Skelt Log

[+20] Joining
[+15] Skelt Tracker
[-50] Icon Commission from TopHat-Queen
        Total: 485
        Lifetime Total: 535

Skelt Tracker Meme (c) Growlipsis
TDE: Novak Ref 2.0 by digisploosh
TDE: Novak Ref 2.0


ID: 47
535 [Skelt Tracker: Here!]
Status: Carrier

Name: Novak
Age: 3 Years
Gender: Female
Breed: Pharaoh Hound x German Shepherd
Rank: Chief Raider
Pack: Tempered Asylum


[Level Headed]: Unlike most Wastelanders, Novak has kept her mind and temper. She's not very easy to anger, unless you start poking into her past. She is level headed, and nothing seems to surprise her at this point in her life.

[Good Listener]: In Eden, Novak was a Physician and is used to listening to others' problems. She listens and tries to help solve any problems there might be within the library, whether they're physical or mental.

[Creative/Resourceful]: As a physician, Novak knows how to be creative and make things work. Aside from being able to heal wounds, she knows what kind of plants are nontoxic and which ones are. Being a former mapper, she knows a tiny bit about where things are located in the wastelands and what they may contain if Eden convoys haven't completely cleaned them out.

[Secretive]: Novak is very secretive about her past life in Eden. She has sealed herself off from others in a way that she won't discuss her past unless it will let her help somebody else. It'll take a good friend to be able to get her to spill her secrets.

[Constantly Busy]: Novak is always busy. She’s always doing something, whether it be something as little as reorganising her supplies, or something as large as keeping a pack member from dying. She hates not having something to do, and does not like having free time unless she has plans with another pack member.

[Self-Conscious]: Novak is very self conscious, and other dogs’ opinions of her matter to her a lot. If anything, they matter way too much to her. She always tries to make a good first impression.

[Finicky]: Novak is very finicky, and pays a great deal of attention to detail. She always makes sure to know exactly what she’s eating, and won’t eat anything that she didn’t catch or find. When it comes to healing, she has to make sure everything is just right. She can’t stand it when her herbs or supplies are even slightly in disarray. Even when she’s in a rush, everything has to be perfect. No dog will escape her without perfectly wrapped bandages or straight splints.

[Bossy]: Though she doesn’t really seem it, Novak can be an extremely bossy dog. She demands respect and authority, as her mother and mentors have always taught her to do so. She isn’t necessarily rude with her demands, but it irks her when others blow off any simple requests she may have if they don’t have any legitimate excuse.

History: "do you have to know? I hate talking about this..but I guess it is good to talk about it to someone.."
"I was born to a physician and a Heavy Scrapper. My mother was the physician, and her name was Grey. That leaves my father as the Heavy Scrapper. His name was Municipal. He..well, we'll get to that later. My parents split up right after my sister, Anthem, and I were born. We lived with our mother upon release from the Nursery, and went our separate ways as apprentices. I went to be a Mapper and Anthem went to the forges."

"My apprenticeship went relatively well, and my mentor was amazing. The only bad thing that happened was my sister’s death. Nobody’s quite sure how she died, only that she did. She was there one day and then, gone the next.. To deal with the grief, I threw myself into my work, and before I knew it I was off on my own, becoming a Mapper and moving out by myself."

"Well..for a while everything was okay. I had friends, a life, and my father didn't like that. He was a drunk. We were out on the same convoy once, and I made one wrong turn, and he jumped down my throat about it. When we got back to Eden, he caught up with me. He was slurring on about how he'd killed someone and now he'd 'kill me too' and he almost succeeded, but someone stopped him. I still don't know who, I was unconscious at the time of the rescue."

"I woke up in the physicians' tent. I was being watched over, and someone told me my father had been kicked to the wastelands for murder and assault. I'll never forgive him for it."

"However, I was recommended to have a career shift. I couldn't go back into the wastelands with that murderer wanting my skin. So I made the switch to become a Physician. I was a Physician for a long time, where I met Oz. He was one of the Physicians who took care of me while I was recovering, and later..we ended up together. I had to leave him when I got infected though..I never did get to say good bye."

"I went out once with a convoy. I'd been doing that every once in a while, when the physicians needed something. I met Strike on one of those few times. There was an accident, a landslide, and I got caught in it. My mask flew off, and I got stuck in the mud. Strike coincidentally happened to be there, and he helped me out of the mud, and then I joined Tempered Asylum, and here we are today.."


+ Speed
+ Agility
+ Patient

- Thin Coat
- Physically weak
- Guarded

Bullet; Black = Despise/Deathwish
Bullet; RedBullet; Red = Hatred
Bullet; Red = Dislike
Bullet; OrangeBullet; Orange= Distrust
Bullet; Orange= Neutral
Bullet; YellowBullet; Yellow = Fear
Bullet; Yellow= Acquaintance
Bullet; Green= Positive Acquaintance
Bullet; GreenBullet; Green= Friend
Bullet; Blue= Good Friend
Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue= Best Friend
Bullet; Purple= Respect
Bullet; PurpleBullet; Purple= Family
Bullet; Pink= Crush
Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink= Love
Bullet; White= Cannot Live Without
Heart = Alive
Death = Dead
Death? = Presumed dead

[Strike]: [Bullet; GreenBullet; Green/Bullet; Purple] {RP’d by MokiHunter}

“Strike is the reason I’m even alive right now, and not dead in a mud pit. I owe him my life. He is also my leader, and the reason that I can continue healing without the fear of getting killed by any dog I may help. And I respect him for both of these reasons. But most of all, Strike is one of the few friends I have out here.”

- Municipal; Father, Presumed Dead.
- Grey; Mother, Alive.
- Anthem; Sister, Deceased.

RP Example: Novak paced wearily from the library. She hadn’t slept much the previous night due to reoccurring nightmares, but it wouldn’t hinder her ability to do her job. She yawned loudly, then set out with her little pack that she usually used to collect herbs or other supplies. Thankfully, the sane members of Tempered Asylum didn’t do much to hurt themselves, such as fighting with other members or injuring themselves purposely, so she mostly went through gauze with torn nails or splints. One thing she did miss about Eden was the shared responsibility of the physicians, and that she wasn’t basically the only one with medical knowledge. But she couldn’t dwell on it, or it would just make her homesick. And that was something she couldn’t afford to feel, since there was no possibility for her to return any time soon. She needed to focus on searching for supplies, and made a mental note to remind herself that she needed to send someone out to find more gauze. It had been a while since they’d collected some, and the store was running low.

Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a patch of one of the more frequently used herbs that she was low on. It wasn’t a huge patch, but it was better than nothing, and hopefully there would be more of it nearby. She harvested what there was, making sure not to damage its roots so that it could grow back. ‘Great. Now, if I can just find about three more clumps of that, we should be okay for a little while..’

Transformers, Werewolf AU, Group Shot by digisploosh
Transformers, Werewolf AU, Group Shot
oh my god this took forever. At least twelve hours and 101 layers later, here it is. Lots of characters here, and not all of them are mine.
From left to right there is: in the back: Sirius, Stormfront, Falsetto, and Turntable. In the middle are Lithium and Switchblade, and then in the front are Transistor and Radian.

Radian, Transistor, and Switchblade belong to :iconsyncthemutantjackal:
Lithium, Falsetto, Sirius, Stormfront, and Turntable belong to me
Aug 17, 2014
:icondigisploosh:digisploosh has changed their username (formerly Digital-Sploosh)

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