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About the Sploosh

Hi i'm Splash, I preferred to be called Splash; They/Them preferred; my sexuality is all over the map.

I really like Fifth Harmony, that could basically be this entire box



Character Slots: 7.
NPC Slots: 2.
Lifetime Skelts: 1365
Other Purchases: Market License
Characters: Apollo, Camomile, Dakota / Creampuff, Novak, Oswin, Slate, Vance.
NPCs: Flash, Rex.

:bulletblue: Apollo :bulletblue:
.:TDE:. Apollo Reference 4.0 by digisploosh

:bulletpink: Camomile :bulletpink:
.:TDE:. Camomile Reference by digisploosh

:bulletpink: Dakota :bulletpink:
.:TDE:. Dakota Reference by digisploosh

:bulletpink: Novak :bulletpink:
.:TDE:. Novak Reference 4.0 by digisploosh

:bulletpink: Oswin :bulletpink:
.:TDE:. Oswin Reference by digisploosh

:bulletpink: Slate :bulletpink:
.:TDE:. Slate Reference 4.0 by digisploosh

:bulletblue: Vance :bulletblue:
.:TDE:. Vance Reference by digisploosh

:bulletblue: Flash :bulletblue:
.:TDE:. NPC - Flash Reference by digisploosh

:bulletblue: Rex :bulletblue:
.:TDE:. Rex Reference by digisploosh

Other Characters

Dragonriders // Dragons

:bulletpink: Alex / Khal :bulletblue:
:bulletpink: Aria / Evanescent :bulletpink:
:bulletblue: Ashton / Sunburn :bulletblue:
:bulletpink: Katie / Toxin :bulletblue:
:bulletpink: Krystal / Coda :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Kyle / ??? :bulletpink:
:bulletpink: Lauren / Hurricane :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Luke / Landslide :bulletpink:
:bulletpink: Marissa / Czar :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Nik / Pharaoh :bulletpink:
:bulletpink: Oli / Frostbite :bulletblue:
:bulletpink: Sam / Windchill :bulletblue:
:bulletpink: Sky / Cyclone :bulletblue:
:bulletpink: Taylor / Earthquake :bulletblue:
:bulletpink: Tori / Voltage :bulletblue:



Friends And Family

Husbando: :iconmokihunter:




M: 37; F 32; T: 69


M: 11; F: 06; T: 17
:bulletpink: Annex :bulletpink:
:bulletblue: Barracuda :bulletblue:
:bulletpink: Breakingpoint :bulletpink:
:bulletpink: Eclipse :bulletpink:
:bulletblue: Equilibrium :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Equinox :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Inquisition :bulletblue:
:bulletpink: Intuition :bulletpink:
:bulletblue: Latch :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Mezzo :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Photon :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Premonition :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Rhapsody :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Solstice :bulletblue:
:bulletpink: Spotlight :bulletpink:
:bulletpink: Symphony :bulletpink:
:bulletblue: Valor :bulletblue:



M: 21; F: 19; T: 40
:bulletblue: Acoustic :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Anarchy :bulletblue:
:bulletpink: Avalanche :bulletpink:
:bulletblue: Aviator :bulletblue:
:bulletpink: Conviction :bulletpink:
:bulletpink: Decode :bulletpink:
:bulletpink: Deuce :bulletpink:
:bulletpink: Disposition :bulletpink:
:bulletpink: Draconium :bulletpink:
:bulletpink: Espionage :bulletpink:
:bulletpink: Fatal :bulletpink:
:bulletpink: Falsetto :bulletpink:
:bulletblue: Frequency :bulletblue:
:bulletpink: Grenade :bulletpink:
:bulletblue: Hijack :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Infinity :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Infrared :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Iodine :bulletblue:
:bulletpink: Jade :bulletpink:
:bulletpink: Jetlag :bulletpink:
:bulletblue: Kickstart :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Lethal :bulletblue:
:bulletpink: Lithium :bulletpink:
:bulletblue: Livewire :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Oblivion :bulletblue:
:bulletpink: Partition :bulletpink:
:bulletblue: Quantum :bulletblue:
:bulletpink: Quarantine :bulletpink:
:bulletpink: Reflection :bulletpink:
:bulletpink: Renegade :bulletpink:
:bulletpink: Riptide :bulletpink:
:bulletpink: Roulette :bulletpink:
:bulletblue: Savage :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Sirius :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Stormfront :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Turbulence :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Turntable :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Vibranium :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Whiplash :bulletblue:


M: 05; F: 08; T: 13
:bulletblue: Arson :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Chaos :bulletblue:
:bulletpink: Cretacium :bulletpink:
:bulletblue: Discord :bulletblue:
:bulletpink: Harmony :bulletpink:
:bulletpink: Jurassium :bulletpink:
:bulletpink: Karma :bulletpink:
:bulletpink: Mayhem :bulletpink:
:bulletblue: Nimbus :bulletblue:
:bulletpink: Rapture :bulletpink:
:bulletblue: Razor :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Tetras :bulletblue:
:bulletpink: Triassium :bulletpink:

I need to 

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